Patton Boggs Branding


Nearly a decade since the firm’s last brand refresh, Patton Boggs, a mid-sized international law firm, the firm’s current messaging no longer served as an effective message in attracting and retaining clients. Our team needed to amplify the firm’s brand to more than just the #1 lobbying firm in the United States. 

In addition, we needed to identify the optimum brand positioning and messaging strategy for attracting a larger share of domestic and international law practice, especially as it relates to litigation, business law and government relations. Once complete, we would then be able to create a strong visual identity system that can stand out amongst other law firms, while still maintaining the sophisticated integrity of the firm’s culture.

What I Did

As a member of the brand strategy integration team, I worked with internal teams and an outside design agency, HZDG. We were able to conduct the messaging research and concept the first couple of pieces of the new identity including the logo, patterns and illustrations. We expanded the identity across all touch points in the firm including stationery, marketing materials, advertisements, event signage, etc.

Patton Boggs Brand

Patton Boggs Brand

Patton Boggs BrandPatton Boggs Brand