Patton Boggs Website


Patton Boggs identified a need to update the firm website design as well as the back-end technology.  The website no longer served as an efficient tool for generating new business due to an outdated design and an overwhelming amount of content. Though the website had undergone several updates since its original launch over a decade prior, the overall structure of the website remained outdated and stale and the firm had not been able to leverage potential business development and marketing opportunities to its full potential. In addition to the overwhelming amount of information housed on the main website, the firm had also developed multiple “micro-sites” to display practice specific content. Over time, these sites allowed the content to become increasingly fragmented and confusing to the client.

What I Did

Serving as project lead, our team worked with an outside agency, to launch a multi-phase global website re-design using assets created from our coinciding brand refresh project. The new website employed a singular central database that allowed data to flow easily, automatically and intelligently between disparate systems, eliminating micro-sites. The website was able to repurpose content that was housed in a single integrated database across multiple output mediums. This new content flow structure allowed specific content to be accessible by the right audiences in a format that supports their decision-making process.

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